early hours


I've been trying a new thing lately: Setting the alarm early and waking up before the sun (and before my daughters, which is the important part). I've been feeling a little like a hamster on a wheel lately. Trying, trying, trying to meet certain personal goals, and simply not getting there. And not seeing a clear path, either. I needed allotted time for myself to figure some things out.

At first, I tried using the early morning hours to jog a mile or two. It was okay. But after doing that for a couple weeks, I realized something. It wasn't really serving the purpose I wanted it to. It didn't feel like my own time. I already take very long walks with the girls everyday, so using my only time alone to jog just didn't feel right. So I rethought it. What I want to do with that time is work. (I know, I know.) I want to work on house love, on the blog, on other projects. I want to write and draw and design things. So, this week, I've dragged myself out of bed around 5 each morning, made coffee and sat down at my desk to do things I love doing. It feels good. The coffee helps.

Do you ever wake up an hour or two ahead of the rest of your family? How do you spend that time?