spread the house love

I have three more house love prints to share with you today. First, Allison's beautiful home, bought as a gift for her husband for their anniversary. I love the porch light and the stained glass. And the dark wood door.

Next is Sara's sweet rowhouse. I love the bricks' light warm color. Another crab door knocker on this one! Yeah, Baltimore!

This next one was bought as a gift. Another sweet Baltimore rowhouse. I loved including the white rooftop deck. We sure do love our rooftop decks around here. ;)

I also wanted to remind you all that house love prices will be going up a bit on September 1st. When I first started this gig, I wasn't in my house illustrating groove yet, and wasn't sure about the time and cost involved in the making of each print. Don't worry, they are staying affordable, nothing crazy. You have 11 more days to order two story rowhouses at the current price of $45. Go do that! :)