adventures in transportation


When it's super hot out, I usually insist on Fiona riding in the stroller and Elsa on my back. No other configuration really works since we often walk a couple miles and end up far from home, making a lot of stops along the way. But with the cooler weather, I've been more open to other transportation. This week, we've already taken out the scooter and the wagon. So fun!


I included this last picture, not because it's so spectacular, but to show how Fiona cares for her baby sister. See Fiona's hand holding onto Elsa's dress? Fiona is always watching Elsa, protecting her from falls and alerting me if she has something that isn't safe. She is the most loving big sister. She touches Elsa gently when she is upset or scared. She does silly dances to make her laugh. Being home with these two girls everyday is my greatest joy. Oh, how I love them.