on the sunny side


There has been some darkness around me this last year. The stories aren't mine, and I won't share them here, but some beautiful people very close to me have had heavy loads to carry. The world is full of darkness and it is sometimes easy to look past it, but sometimes it's more of an effort to stay on the sunny side. And, well, sometimes it's necessary to look that darkness in the face and swallow it down. I've been doing a lot of swallowing lately.

But there is much beauty to be found in the light, and I am lucky to have two little girls with whom I share my days to remind me of that. This little collaborative card is a sweet reminder of the good stuff. We made this card for my in-laws who just had their 50th wedding anniversary. Fiona drew this picture of a celebration.


And what do you know, she drew our flags front and center. I knew all those traditions were making their mark.