homemade matcha gift set


My brother recently spent four months in Japan. We all missed him terribly, but adventures are important, and exploring the other side of the earth on your own is nothing short of a great adventure. Of course, if he moves there, I most likely will have a complete big sister I won't allow it and I'm in charge, did you forget? freak out. Until then, I am quite supportive of his adventuring. :)

I had planned on getting Eric a specific book for Christmas until my mom informed me that he just ordered it for himself! I was glad to know that I knew him well enough to buy him something he would actually want, but that left me giftless. Something health related? Something inspired by Japanese culture or food?

And then I thought of it! A matcha gift set. (And I do think I'm quite clever to have come up with this little set!) I had seen a link to this video tutorial for Matcha Salt on Angry Chicken a couple weeks before and thought it would be perfect. Then I consulted Organic Body Care Recipes and a few online resources and put together my own recipe for Matcha Sugar Scrub. I gave him the salt and scrub along with a new tin of Matcha.


Matcha Sugar Scrub

1 cups granulated sugar

1/8 cup coconut oil

1/2 tablespoon matcha green tea powder

1/2 tablespoon vitamin E

Place everything in a bowl and mix it!

This recipe will fit in a 1/2 pint mason jar perfectly. I decided to also give this sugar scrub to all the ladies in my life who I knew liked body products and made many batches over the course of the holidays.


The Matcha Salt also turned out really well and we were able to put it on our eggs on Christmas morning! Isn't it pretty? (For this recipe, and for everyday use, we use Real Salt.)


I think this set makes such a nice gift! Is there anyone in your life who might enjoy this set?