a house, a hat & our week in links


Wrapping up our handmade holidays, the two gifts I gave my sweet Mama for her birthday (Christmas Eve!) and Christmas. The top is a portrait of her current house and the second is a custom handknit hat by Revolutionary Woolens on Etsy. I also commissioned matching mitts, but didn't get a picture. I have ordered from this shop many times now and am thrilled every time. Remember Elsa's norwegian hat? Oh my! That scrumptious little face!

We had a nice week. After all the holiday craziness, I feel like we are really settling back in to a normal routine. I've done a lot of work on the house, focusing on the kids' playing and learning spaces. I can't wait to share some new spaces in the coming weeks.

I'm joining in on the Friday links thing this week. I'm thinking it's a fun way to document the little things that are happening in our house each week...

We got the Christopherus Early Years Curriculum in the mail this week. We're officially homeschoolers, I suppose!

We read Pocketful of Posies many, many times. Fiona has much of it memorized. I just love it. The illustrations are so gorgeous.

After a long absence, bliss balls are back! (How did we kind of forget about these?!)

Another thing I kind of forgot about? Pinterest...

Oh right, I can sew. I should do that again sometime. I'm pretty sure Elijah needs one of these.

I have a cabinet that I keep my fabric in that needs this treatment. Now I just need to convince my husband.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xo