the family room / studio / office (before)

This is the most multi-purposed little room ever. It's hard to photograph because it's in the middle of the house and doesn't have the best lighting. So, it's about time that this room that we spend so much time is documented here.

We are slowly working towards turning the attic into a studio, but until that happens, this is where I work. My printers, my sewing machine and all the other things that I need regularly are kept on the bookshelf. Remember when it used to have books on it?! Organized by color! Those were the days. ;)

I am mostly happy with the "bones" of this room, the furniture and layout. But I'm not happy at all with the wall color or hangings. I'm hoping to switch things up over the next month and take some "after" photos.

I am considering a grouping of family pictures above the blue couch, but I'm not committed to that idea. As for wall color, I don't know, maybe a light tan (that's not so fleshy)? Or should we extend the blue from the front room? Any ideas?

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing our newly rearranged play space!