the hereford zone


It seems that it's finally Winter. The first day of our extended stay at my parents', it snowed. It's quite appropriate, really. This being The Hereford Zone,and all. As stated by Wikipedia: "Because of its higher elevation and microclimate, the weather of The Hereford Zone is slightly different from that of the rest of the county. It is not unusual in the winter for schools in the surrounding areas to be 2 hours late, while the Hereford Zone is closed due to inclement weather." Hah!

I grew up here, and it's nice to be back for a while. The kids are both enjoying and resisting the change in routine. It's been such a treat to live alongside my parents and brother. To see them groggy in the morning and share each meal with them. I'll have to share some of my brother's cooking with you. It's been amazing to eat Eric's healthy, delicious and lovingly prepared food each evening. I feel like I am learning so much from him.


The kids loved the snow and being out in the country for it was really nice. I love city living, but there is truly nothing like the clean air out here. If only we could live in the city and have a back yard with trees and grass. A girl can dream, right?