christmas 2012


This was the first year that Fiona truly got Christmas fever, talking about Santa, singing Jingle Bells, asking for certain gifts, the whole bit. This was also the first year that I really needed to do some soul searching about the Santa question. Do we tell her the truth (the truth is important!) or do we encourage the magic (magic is important, too!)? In the end, we decided to not explicitely say whether Santa is real or not. Santa is in so many seasonal books, songs and movies that he was a regular topic in the house throughout December. Did she think he was real? I wasn't sure. Then I made her one of these Santa videos (which was really cool, by the way!), and thought I may have pushed her into the 'believing' camp.

Then on Christmas morning, Fiona asked why Santa comes at night. I did my best to answer, then asked her if Santa came to our house last night. "Noooo...." she said, looking at me like I was being very silly. I had told her earlier that her gifts were from Santa, so then I said, "Who do you think brought your gifts for you then?" And that's when she really looked at me like I was crazy. She lifted her finger and pointed at me.

Ah, yes. I did.

So, although Fiona doesn't 'believe' per se, she definitely still feels the magic. Works for me.