from the kids


According to Fiona, this was the most "elf-like" activity of all our holiday projects. She loved coating the little jars with the watered down glue (half water, half elmers glue), sticking on the pieces of ripped up tissue paper, then giving them another coat of the glue mixture.

These candle holders were Fiona's gifts to Daddy, who made his own stained glass pieces in a past life, when he had time to do such things. I thought these were very reminiscent of stained glass, so would make a special gift from the kids.

I had originally thought about using a metalic sharpie to draw lines between the colors to enhance the stained glass quality of it, but never did get to it. Maybe I still will. If it turns out well, I'll let you know!


They turned out really pretty and looked great on our Christmas table.


Elijah and Fiona both filled in bare books with their own stories. Elijah's book was a gift for his Mom, Stepdad and sister, Sylvia. His was one cohesive illustrated Christmas story. For Fiona's book, she drew whatever popped into her head and dictated a story to me that I then recorded.

I think these books are such a great way to preserve a child's artwork and imagination from a specific moment in time. Plus, the kids really work at their drawings since these very official feeling books are so special! I have several more blank ones stored away for another inpired afternoon.

Tomorrow, I have a post planned that I'm really excited about. For my brother, I made a matcha green tea gift set. I'm sharing my own super easy recipes, too! Come back to check it out!