shop update! new work!


I am so excited to introduce you to some new work I've just listed in my shop! I've been wanting the broaden my focus since opening House Love Shop and I'm thrilled to be taking this first step.

These illustrations were inspired by simple, special parts of life that mean so much to all of us. From the Bees (above) and Remember the Sea (below) are the beginning of a series called Gifts from the Earth. As a city dweller, I have to be mindful about my appreciation for the earth and all it provides. These illustrations are celebrations of that relationship. We use honey in our tea, muffins, body care products and more, all thanks to the bees, and Remember the Sea is inspired by the peace we find near the sea and a reminder from the earth to bring that peace home with us. The gift tag reads, "remember me, the sea." 


I've also started a transportation series. I like the idea of creating a story with each illustration, so you can imagine a family spending the day on the water with their dog, a young couple heading to the beach, or a Saturday morning spent biking around town, running into neighbors and shopping at the farmers market.


I've been wanting to create these architectural learning charts since almost the inception of House Love. I've always had an appreciation for architecture, but wasn't very knowledgeable about the specific styles. This set, Rowhouse Love, is inspired by a love for my own urban neighborhood architecture and the many beautiful custom rowhouse portraits I've illustrated over the last year.


And last, an illustration especially for Squamies. My own experience at the Taproot Gathering was so meaningful and I wanted to create a little memento to take home a bit of the peace found at Squam Lake.


All of these greeting cards will be available as 8"x10" prints as well, but they haven't been listed yet. Look for that next week! (Or email me at if you're in a hurry and I'll set up a listing for you!)

As always, thank you so much for the support. I look forward to working with all of you in this new way. Creating illustrations that connect with people means so much to me and I feel incredibly lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Thank you.