At Home


The weather has been beautiful, but our bodies are nonetheless feeling the seasonal pull to spend more time indoors. It's a welcome change for me this time of year and I feel the excited energy of shifting focus to quieter work and play (which are the same thing for the little ones and even the big ones in our best moments). I am looking forward to organizing and sprucing up this old house during the colder months to come. You may have noticed I've already done some sprucing up of this old blog? 


I am thankful, as always, for the beautiful, simple toys we've accumulated over time. The wooden kitchen and sturdy dollhouse seem to never lose their luster in the eyes of my children, or myself for that matter. I am grateful for some new additions, as well. Elijah got a much anticipated rainbow loom for his birthday and has been glued to the instructional videos since. He is already running out of space on his arms for all the bracelets he's created in the last few days.


After the freewheeling months of Summer (Or as freewheeling as you can be with three children and two jobs), the slower pace of Autumn on it's way to Winter always spurs me to take a close look at the shape our life is taking. I am deeply happy with what I see. While our plate is full, it is full of very good things. For that, I am grateful.