I Love You, Baltimore (Bride!)


The past several months have been an exciting time for House Love in Baltimore. First, my house portraits were included in Baltimore City Paper's Gift Guide, then they appeared in Baltimore Magazine's Holiday Card and Ad, then the season culminated with a full page in Baltimore Bride's Aisle Style section.

When Bride's Editor, Janelle Diamond, asked me to send over some examples of Baltimore rowhouses to be included in the next issue, I was so excited. I pictured one of my house portraits alongside other gift ideas and couldn't wait to see the final layout. When I finally did see the magazine months later, I couldn't believe it. A whole page?! Are you kidding me?! I am still amazed by how positively House Love has been received. It is incredibly special to see my name and illustrations recognized in my local magazines and papers.

Thanks so much to Janelle and everyone over at Baltimore Bride. Being included in your beautiful magazine is truly an honor.

P.S. I know the blog has been House Love heavy lately, but that has been such a big part of what's been happening around here the last several months. I hope I'm not driving everyone crazy. Now that the holidays are over, I expect to be back to regular posting. I have lots of family Christmas pictures to share!