fiona's flower children


We've spent this week mostly at home except for the occasional walk. Elsa has been sick for the past several days and it's been hard. Thankfully, none of us mind being home and Fiona has enjoyed all the free time for dreaming and drawing.

I'd like to introduce you to Fiona's 'class' of flower children. They are a sweet–if somewhat fussy–bunch, preferring to stay in their matching pots in rainbow order. Unfortunately, when an almost-four-year-old is playing with you, that is not always possible. Fiona enjoys torturing them just a bit by taking them out of their pots and sometimes even putting them on their heads...


Or placing them in the wrong pot! Oh my!


This time, she quickly made it right by returning all the flower children back to their pots and singing them Mary had a Little Lamb to calm them down.


This sweet set of wooden peg people with matching rainbow pots is very special to us. It was made by my dear friend Amy for Fiona last year. To be on the receiving end of this kind of handmade goodness makes me feel so loved, really. Thank you for that, Amy. We miss you.