the little leprechaun


At circle time all week, we've been singing St. Patrick's Day songs. I didn't know any off the top of my head and wasn't having much luck searching my books or googling, so I asked Sarah Baldwin of Bella Luna Toys if she had any suggestions. She was kind enough to share this little song on her Facebook page: (She also shared many more with me over email. Thanks so much, Sarah! These cute songs made our week.)

The little leprechaun went skipping 'cross the ground.
He found a four-leaf clover with petals all around.
He made a secret wish that his day be filled with joy.
Then he ran to share his luck with every girl and boy!
(To the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider")

Much of Fiona and Elsa's pretend play has centered around the holiday, too. They have been pretending to be little leprechauns. Stealing 'gold', playing tricks and generally being little trouble-makers. (Hm, sounds familiar.)

Today, I have a special day planned. We started the morning by dressing in green and singing songs. Then I told them I had a special surprise. Fiona asked, "Is it a little leprechaun toy?!" Um, yes! Apparently, I am quite predictable!


I made a little costume for one of our dollhouse dolls. It turned out quite cute. I am aware that this little project could easily fall into the this girl has way too much time on her hands category, so to be clear, this took me less than one episode of The Americans to finish. ;)


I have a few little crafts planned for the rest of the day and I'll share those tomorrow. Hope you all are having a lovely week!