family sketchbook project

Family Walk  by Miranda

Family Walk by Miranda

Birthday Party  by Fiona

Birthday Party by Fiona

{family sketchbook project}
One sketch a week from any family member who'd like to take part.
Just fun. No pressure.

Happy Spring Equinox! What better way to celebrate the first day of my favorite season than with a new blog series featuring one of my favorite things?

I've had this project in the back of my mind for a while now. Fiona draws everyday, but I haven't been setting aside much (if any) time for myself.  I want to change that. We all spend time drawing throughout childhood, but many of us lose that in adulthood. I think it's important that as adults, we still honor our own creative efforts, even (especially!) if they aren't things we are being paid to do.

I've been instragramming Fiona's sketches pretty regularly with a few of mine here and there, and thought it was high time to make it official. Starting today I'll be posting one sketch per week, every week. One of my own and one of Fiona's. Some weeks, Elijah, Elsa or Sheldon might contribute a drawing, too. I love the idea of compiling a collection of drawings from each of us and seeing the evolution.

If anyone in your family enjoys drawing or doodling, it would be fun to give them a platform on your blog. If you decide to play along, share your link here. I'd love to see!