sketchbook baby


Fifteen months later and I have finally done a little sketch of Elsa, my beautiful baby. (And a baby, she is. Do not tell me otherwise.) As usual (lately), I am rusty with my pencil. I hope to change that. I would like to use my hands more in my art-making. We shall see. I need to give myself the freedom to play that I am so liberal with for my children. It's hard, when work time is at a premium, to spend it drawing like this. It feels very luxurious and perhaps not deserved, when there is a long list of houses to illustrate. Especially because that work is so fun and rewarding. (Who gets to illustrate houses for a living?! That is pretty amazing, no?) Squeezing in a weekly pencil sketch shouldn't be so hard. But who am I kidding? It is hard.

Did you see the post on (cool) progeny about my Play House print? Pretty exciting! Thank you to Claudia and Heather for the love.