family sketchbook project

Tough Girl  by Fiona

Tough Girl by Fiona

{family sketchbook project}
One sketch a week from any family member who'd like to take part.
Just fun. No pressure.

How awesome is this girl? I cannot get enough of these little characters Fiona creates. This tough little thing might be my favorite yet.  Look at that stance!  And I love what Elijah has been doing with the ornate scroll shapes in the last two drawings. ..

Royalty  by Elijah

Royalty by Elijah

Sledding  by Miranda

Sledding by Miranda

For my drawing, I used a photo reference this week. I want to loosen up a bit, so made a conscious effort to look away from the photo for a good portion of the drawing. I can get caught up in drawing from life, or from a photo reference, as the case may be.

I definitely wouldn't have fit in a sketch this week if it weren't for this Wednesday ritual. I'm so glad I've got this going. Stephanie, from Neuroses Galore has been participating, too, so pay her a visit!  If you have your own Family Sketchbook Project, let me know. You can leave your link in the comments and I can add your link up here in the post!