growing shifting changing


This summer will be one I remember. The earth is shifting under my feet and I alternate between wishing it would stop for a moment and being ready for the next phase already. As a family, we've made some big changes in course and I'm still adjusting to our new path.

The biggest shift, and the one on my mind most these days, is that Fiona will be starting school in the Fall. I am excited and terrified at once, and I'm not sure I can articulate my thoughts on this well. We planned to homeschool for a long time, but have changed our minds. When Sheldon and I added up the pieces of our life–who we are, who our children are, where we live, what we do–then added a bit of what's your gut telling you? to the mix, the answer came back clear. We will be sending Fiona to The Waldorf School of Baltimore three days a week in the Fall, along with Elijah. They are both so, so thrilled. I feel that this will be a beautiful thing for our family and is the right path for us. That said, I know the adjustment won't be easy and I fully expect to be holding back tears when I drop her off that first day. My girl is growing up. Our family is growing up.

Change is not my most comfortable state, being the grounded, practical person that I am, but when I look into the eyes of my children, or watch them play or draw or learn to ride a bike, time really does stand still for a moment. I will find my peace there.