oooh! an art cart!


Up until recently, Fiona has been quite content with her drawing caddy, creating stacks and stacks of drawings every day, refining her technique, and generally rocking my world. Have you seen her drawings? I die. But in the last couple weeks, creating drawings isn't enough anymore. Lately, she's all about projects. For those of you who don't know, projects involve a lot of materials! Materials that up until this point, she needed an adult to retrieve.

Not. Acceptable.

So, in comes Fiona's Art Cart! I've been drooling over this IKEA cart for months, but it has been consistently sold out at our local store. This past weekend, I went to IKEA for a new bed for Elijah, and came home with the new bed and the cutest little blue cart in all the world. I have to admit, the entire time I was assembling it, I was thinking about how great my things would look in it in my studio. But no! Because I am a sweet Mama, I gave it to my sweet girl, who very much deserves it. 


As you may be able to tell, I am very excited about this art cart. And I think I'll stop the post here, before I feel the need for even more italics. ;)