It's a Quiet Thing


I have been wound tightly lately. There have been some difficult situations that have me feeling angry and anxious. I don't mean to by cryptic, but the story isn't mine to tell. I am trying to find peace, create peace, amidst the upset.

I am digging deep to find understanding. To remember that every choice a person makes is months, years, decades in the making. We are each a product of our circumstances; dealt a hand and meant to make the most of it. Every one of us falls short. Every one of us falls asleep at night wondering, have I done enough? Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes yes.  Both of those answers need to be met with kindness.

This is quiet work that we do within ourselves. The work of calming the harsh critic, finding understanding in the face of disappointment, unclenching our fists when we are primed for a fight. It is the quiet work of seeing the world through kind eyes.

Today, I choose kindness. I choose peace. I choose to focus on watching, supporting, loving, rather than on being heard.  I choose to take care of my family within these four walls and let the storm outside run it's course. The sun will shine again, and when it does, I will welcome it home as a familiar friend.