My Children's Art Prints at aMuse!

I am so excited to announce that my children's art prints are now available at my favorite (and local!) toy store, aMuse! They are currently carrying my Transportation Series and we have big plans to expand the line to other prints and products. Oh, the possibilities! I love that my prints are alongside so many of our favorite picture books. It bordered on embarrassing how many times Fiona exclaimed, "We have this book!" (I can't help myself!)

The girls and I stopped by the Quarry Lake location today to visit and check out the display (and the toys, obviously!) and we arrived just in time for Story Time! The girls were excited and we will definitely attend again. It is held every Tuesday at 11am if your kids love books as much as mine do.

I think Fiona and Elsa would agree that there are some major perks to having a Mama working with aMuse!