A Season for Healing

I've been quiet for the last few weeks, both here and on social media. I've stepped away from Facebook and Instagram for the time being. Some health issues have revealed themselves in my family and I've been so worried, it seems I only have energy to focus on support and healing. This all sounds cryptic and dark, when the reality is that if we ran into each other at the coffee shop or the playground, I'd explain it all to you quite simply and you'd see that we really are happy and healthy. I just want so desperately for it to stay that way. I find when there is even the smallest threat to my children's health or happiness or future, it brings my priorities into very clear focus. There are very few things that both matter to me and are within my power to change. I am going to live in that space for now. 

I do plan to keep posting here. Looking through the archives has reminded me how beautiful it is to look back at old posts and be transported to a different time. Childhood is so fleeting, as is life.