Wild and Free

We are only just beginning to understand the beauty of living in this new place. The girls spend all day outside. We are learning about wild edibles and have foraged chickweed, violet, and onion grass, among other things. Sheldon has been digging out a bed for herbs on the hill behind the house. A play structure was just delivered on Friday and the kids spent hours swinging and climbing all over it this afternoon. I took off my shoes and lied down on the grass, only opening my eye a sliver if it had been a few moments since I had heard a child squeal. (That hardly ever happens.) Sheldon and I talked about where the chicken coop and vegetable garden will go. Wouldn't it be nice to have them right near the play structure and fields where the children play? This evening before dinner, the girls dressed themselves in silks and ran around outside. I followed them with my camera and could hardly believe that this is my life and these are my children.

I've read this article before, On the Wildness of Children, but read it again today at the recommendation of a friend. It was just as beautiful and true as the first time. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded why we live the way we do.