Somewhere New


We moved! To a new home in the country! Life is cozy and beautiful and fresh. The day we moved, I posted these words on Instagram:

We fell in love, made a home, and became a family in Fell's Point. We laughed, we struggled, we dreamed, we argued, and above all, we stuck together in Fell's Point. We showed each other what we're made of—equal parts love and grit. We experienced a sense of community we'll carry with us forever. Fell's Point will always be where it all began. But tonight, after almost 12 years, we'll be tucking our children into different beds in a different house in a different place. We'll always love you, magical little town on the water and all the beautiful souls who live there. Here's to the next chapter. Here's to doing it together. Always together.

I haven't posted here in a while, but I feel called to write in a longer format again. I'm not sure if that will be here or somewhere new. So much has changed since I started this little, once active, space. The truth is, I've changed most of all. I don't feel quite as young and new as I did when I started writing here almost 8 years ago now. I feel experienced and confident in our path, even when I stumble. I don't always have the courage to share my words and thoughts these days, because they aren't as simple as they one were. Years ago, I wrote about babies and crafting and being a new mama, because that's who I was! But as I find my ideas and lifestyle diverging more from what is mainstream and expected, I find myself keeping my thoughts to myself more often, especially online. Strong statements, whether through words or actions, inevitably alienate some people. I am working on living and sharing ideas with kindness and openness, without fear. I'm guessing that will be a lifelong process.

But for now, a few pictures will do, some taken on Fiona's 8th birthday!

Fiona is sitting on a big, beloved old rock in our new yard here. The kids named her Rock-a-Me!

Here we are painting in our new homeschool classroom. I absolutely love this space, and feel a sense of calm each morning we spend here. I've recommitted to our Waldorf Curriculum and its been wonderful to have some structure and focus again after the upheaval of moving and the holidays.

One of the best things about our new home is it's proximity to the NCR Trail. It's just a few steps from our front door! We have foraged many wild edibles here and waded in the small river.

Living in a home with clean, natural spaces right outside our door has been huge for us. I look forward to settling in and making the most of this new life.

Thanks for stopping by!

a birthday picnic, some reflections, and a dream

I turn thirty-three years old tomorrow. Thirty-three? That doesn't seem right. It's funny how we construct identities for ourselves. Identities that have to do with age are especially foolish. Time marches on, we all know this. But somehow I have, for the last seven years, identified as a young mom. Partly because Sheldon is 16 years older than me and partly because when I had Fiona at 25, I was the first of my close friends to start a family. But thirty-three is solidly planted in the thirties, and the thirties are solidly planted in the middle of life, and one stepson and three daughters in, I am solidly planted in parenthood. I am here and this is the life I've made for myself. Many of my biggest decisions–who to marry, how many children to have-have been made. This feels good, but also different. All these years, I have somehow continued to feel new to the world, but I don't feel new anymore. I feel capable and experienced and beaten and bruised and wise and aware and very much of this world.

But at thirty-three, there are still thousands of choices left to make and dreams to be had. After eleven years in our beloved Fell's Point with Sheldon and fifteen years total in the city, we are moving back to the woods and fireflies and open spaces of my childhood. We haven't found the perfect home yet, but we will, and it will have trees to climb and a little creek and a rope swing. It will have a kitchen window overlooking a garden and a few chickens. The next phase of our lives will be spent building our own homestead, trying to live a more sustainable life, and rediscovering our place in the natural world. I'm guessing I'll feel new again in no time.

Thanks to my Mama for the birthday picnic!

Every Fall


Life has been busy lately. Sometimes I feel like being an adult is way too hard. (You, too? I know I can't be alone on this...) Whenever I feel this way, I remind myself that after a good night of sleep or two, it will feel a bit more manageable and I will find myself enjoying the days again and taking on responsibilities with enthusiasm. It seems to cycle like that; a few weeks of energy and excitement, a few of overwhelm and stress, then back again. I guess that's the way it goes. All that is to say that if it weren't for the little ones' insistence, I am sure we would not have taken the time to run around this silly 'farm', go on hay rides and drink apple cider slushies. I'm grateful we have these sweet little souls to remind us to take a moment to enjoy the sunshine and the crisp air. They were right. What is Fall without the farm?


This is our attempt at a nice seasonal picture of me and the kids. Apparently not even I could manage to look at the camera. .. Nice.


This coming week is Eli's birthday. There is a lot of excitement over here and quite a lot of preparations to be done. Oh my! Better get back to it. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

the hereford zone


It seems that it's finally Winter. The first day of our extended stay at my parents', it snowed. It's quite appropriate, really. This being The Hereford Zone,and all. As stated by Wikipedia: "Because of its higher elevation and microclimate, the weather of The Hereford Zone is slightly different from that of the rest of the county. It is not unusual in the winter for schools in the surrounding areas to be 2 hours late, while the Hereford Zone is closed due to inclement weather." Hah!

I grew up here, and it's nice to be back for a while. The kids are both enjoying and resisting the change in routine. It's been such a treat to live alongside my parents and brother. To see them groggy in the morning and share each meal with them. I'll have to share some of my brother's cooking with you. It's been amazing to eat Eric's healthy, delicious and lovingly prepared food each evening. I feel like I am learning so much from him.


The kids loved the snow and being out in the country for it was really nice. I love city living, but there is truly nothing like the clean air out here. If only we could live in the city and have a back yard with trees and grass. A girl can dream, right?