$1200 nap mat for sale


When we made the decision to send Fiona to school this year, I knew I wanted to send something Mama-made with her. A handmade nap mat seemed like the perfect way to send some Mama love with her to school.

Well, if you read my last post about Fiona's first day, you know I was feeling a lot of feelings about the transition to not spending quite as much time with my girl. What I didn't fully express was just how mixed those feelings were. By the end of the first day, I knew it was too long of a day, and by the second, I knew we had to make a change. My heart was saying - no, screaming - that 8:30am - 3pm, Monday through Wednesday was simply too much for us. We have spent nearly every day together for the last 4.5 years. We needed to step back, reevaluate, and make a change. We did make that change, and Fiona's schedule will now be mornings only, 8:30am - 12noon, Monday through Wednesday. I am relieved and excited for the year to come, and feel we've reached a good balance. I've also gained a more realistic view of the future. Things may change again, or we may continue on this path. These decisions are hard and complicated, and we will keep an open mind when it comes to how we will handle schooling in our family. And to be clear, we are thrilled with the school itself! They have really helped us navigate this process and Fiona absolutely loves spending time there.


Anyway, back to the nap mat! When I told my mom my plan to make one, she quickly offered to help and told me to bring the girls on over and we'd make it together. (Being my mother, she probably recognized that my plans were just a tad ambitious for the small amount of time I had!) We all went over there and got to work. By the time we were finished, this silly little nap mat had taken hours and hours over the course of three days. Sheesh! When we finally finished, my mom joked that we could sell them on Etsy... for $1200... to, you know, account for the exorbitant amount of time invested. ;)

Luckily, this is just the kind of thing that my Mom finds gloriously hilarious, because when I told her Fiona would no longer being going full days, and therefore would no longer be napping at school, she laughed and said that now we really could sell the nap mat... for $1200. I think it's quite funny, too.  

So, anyone want a nap mat? (I kid.) It turned out quite cute if I do say so myself. 


Or maybe we'll just keep it for Perry the Purple Rabbit. He does look quite cozy in there. 

I'm heading out early tomorrow morning for the Taproot Gathering at Squam. I've been anticipating this trip with excitement, and a bit of trepidation, for many months. I am worried about leaving the girls, though I know they are in able hands. I'm worried about how much I'll miss my family. And I'm nervous about participating in my first art fair. But what is life if not an adventure? Off I go! I'm sure I'll have lots to share upon my return.

finger knitting


Elijah doesn't have camp this week, so we have the special treat of hanging out with him every day! Hooray! We are all so excited to have him around so much and I'm trying to make it an especially fun week for everyone. Like a stay-cation. Or whatever. :)


Today, we spent a lovely "crafternoon" at our new local craft shop, Baltimore Threadquarters. I originally just signed up Elijah for the finger knitting class, thinking it might be a bit frustrating for Fiona, but let me tell you, girl taught me a thing or two about underestimating her. She took to finger knitting like a fish to water. I should have known. Look at her little fingers go!


Elijah finished a rope over a yard long and Fiona turned hers into a necklace and a headband. Beautiful! Elsa remained happy on my back for much longer than usual indoors. She loved watching all the kids.


If you're interested in learning how to finger knit, it's super easy and rewarding for kids. Check out YouTube for a ton of tutorials, or better yet, sign up for a class!

for luck


Our St. Patrick's Day activities yesterday continued with a couple shamrock inspired crafts. These themed holiday crowns are becoming a regular around here. You can't help but feel festive with a crown on!

To make a crown, just cut a strip of crown paper (I bought ours at our local Waldorf School, but I found it online here.), cut a shape out of wool felt with two slits in it, then slip it over the paper. I punched two holes in the back and tied a bow through them with ribbon to secure the ends together, but you could also use a stapler or tape.


We also made some shamrock bracelets. These have become a regular craft, too. They are a modified version of our Fairy Head Wreaths. I just narrowed down the flower color palette to green! I bought the paper flowers at my local craft store and punched two holes in each flower. The kids thread the thin ribbon through and we tie the ends in a bow.

Oh, another quick note. For both of these crafts, I used my 1/8" hole punch. If you don't have one, get one! You will not believe how many reasons you'll find to use it. (I have actually had this conversation with other crafty mamas. It's a must.)


After all the singing, crafting and celebrating, it seems our little leprechaun had a late night. I found him passed out on his rainbow this morning. ;)


I'm feeling kind of low energy today. It's a cold, blustery day and it's as apparent as ever how affected I am by the weather. Oh please, Spring, you can't come soon enough. I am long overdue for some leisurely, wandering walks in the bright sun.