Elsa & Clare


I always question whether to post these little experiments in watercolor or gouache because I have so little experience with the mediums. But hey, what's a blog for if not to document the process?

I enjoyed the drawing stage a lot. I really love drawing with graphite and should do it more, but because I'm not really comfortable with watercolors yet, that stage was kind of stressful. I pretty much felt like I was messing up my drawing the whole time. Ha! I still kind of think that looking at it now. I'm hoping to continue making these little paintings and getting comfortable with watercolors.


What I absolutely do love about this little painting is that it's of my sweet Elsa and her doll Clare, who used to be Fiona's doll, but has been adopted by Elsa with big sister's permission. :)

Happy Monday, friends! May your week be gloriously ordinary.

fiona's drawing caddy


First, I want to thank Jen from Classic Play for having me last week. I answered some questions about family creativity and the interview is now up on her blog. You should check it out!

On the topic of family creativity, today I'm sharing Fiona's art caddy. We've been using this basket for several years now (You have to click on that link. They are so little!) to hold drawing supplies, but not until last week did I find what I needed to complete the package. I have picked up so many different sketch books over the last couple years, only to find each time that they didn't quite fit. So frustrating!

My luck changed at the book store last week when I found these uniquely sized, hard-cover sketch books on sale. I got home and they fit perfectly! At last, Fiona's drawing caddy is complete.


Fiona's been quite the prolific artist of late, so I went ahead and bought eight. (Multiples! I am my mother's daughter.) I have been working hard lately to set up learning spaces throughout the house. Reading spots, play and work spaces, easily accessible writing and drawing materials. Although not much will change around here this Fall, I am aware that at three and a half, Fiona is the age that many of her peers start preschool. I am looking forward to starting our homeschooling journey in earnest!

P.S. Happy first day of school to my dear Elijah!

can you tell me about your drawing?


It's been a quiet week around here. Sheldon has been away on business. I've been thinking a lot about what "homeschooling" will mean for us as Fiona approaches traditional preschool age this Fall. What kind of rhythm do I want to establish and how can I encourage and support her current interests? I ordered the book Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl. It's a beautiful book and within the first few pages I read, she suggested using the phrase, "Can you tell me about your drawing?" I did, and then recorded Fiona's answers on her drawing above. It's a slow, rainy day today, so I expect to have a lot of full pages by bedtime.

Happy weekending to all of you!

these kids can draw

For Sheldon's birthday a couple weeks ago, Elijah drew this beautiful family portrait. We framed it and Eli was quite proud to present it.

Elijah's always been very comfortable drawing on his own. I think his work above a testament to the value of allowing children to experiment on their own. Structured crafts are fun, but I think some of the most productive creative time for children is spent with simply a piece of paper and some crayons.

The drawings below are Fiona's. She's a very focused little artist, practicing shapes over and over until she gets them right. See the circles that have little dots in them? Those are chocolate chip cookies.