I've been thinking a lot about tradition, about my own cultural heritage, and what I can carry forth with me and pass on to my children. How can we thread together a story of where we came from? Many of us in America have recent ancestors who sailed across seas to start new lives in a new land. Those who don't had their cultural traditions severely disrupted in other ways. I feel called to bring tradition to my family, to bring alive stories that have been told for countless generations, but my relationship to the religion and culture of my ancestors is shaky, and my knowledge limited.

We ushered in spring this year with an egg hunt and meal with friends and family. Next week we're hosting a May Day gathering for a group of homeschool friends. These gestures of gratitude and celebration connect us to our landscapes and our loved ones.

Then again, spring comes whether or not we mark the occasion. Perhaps our path forward is obvious. Nature is the anchor and the teacher, where we came from and who we are.

celebrations of spring


After the slow months of Winter, morning walks through almost empty city streets and a sun that sets before dinner, the last few weeks of Spring have been nothing short of exhilarating. I find myself smiling a silly amount of the time and practically skipping along as we welcome our new Spring rhythm. We head out of the house early, find ourselves at the book store one morning, the Science Center the next. We stop by the playground and run some errands on the way home, picking up something fresh for dinner. Our waterfront town is bustling now with neighbors and visitors.


On top of all that, there are the many springtime gatherings with family and friends. We celebrate another turn around the sun for Fiona and a different holiday with each side of the family. Oh yes, it is Spring, and life feels lighter, brighter and full of possibility.