fairy head wreaths

These wreaths were the little craft that the kids did at Fiona's Spring Fairy Party. The big kids did great but the holes I punched in the paper flowers were too small for the three and under set to thread easily. Elijah and I helped the little ones, though, and it worked out fine.

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fairy wands (and a few extra for you!)

These were quick to put together and made perfect favors for Fiona's Spring Fairy Party. The kids were all so excited to receive their official fairy wands upon finding their magic crystal.

Making them was a family affair. Fiona and Grammie gathered the sticks. Sheldon cut them and sanded them down. Then I did the frilly, fun parts, the wool felt stars and ribbon. They looked especially cute all laying inside my picnic basket. Handmades are always so charming in bulk.

I thought, perhaps, some of you might like fairy wands for your own kids? Well, I have a little proposition for you. I have been putting in some extra time on the blog these last couple months, and there are so many of you visiting. I am so flattered that you take the time to come to my little corner here and it means so much to me.

Here's the deal... I would love even more visitors in this space, so I am hosting a giveaway and asking for a little something in return. The winner will receive one custom fairy wand and one fairy crystal in a little fabric bag for each child in their immediate family. If you don't have kids, don't worry, you can still enter to win one for yourself.

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I will be choosing a random winner on Tuesday, May 1st. (May Day!)


UPDATE: A couple of you who don't use Facebook or Twitter have commented, hoping for a chance to win. I should have taken that into account. Sorry! One of those commenters, Rachel, said that she'd email some people about my blog. That is a perfect idea! So, if you don't have Facebook or Twitter, you can still enter. Just email a few friends who would be interested and let them know about the giveaway. :)


Thank you so much to all who played along and left comments. It means so much to me that
you like the wands and visit my blog!

The winner of the fairy wands and crystals is...

I am liking you on FB & sharing there too. Thanks they are soooo cute!
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fiona's spring fairy party

This is the first year that Fiona has looked forward to her birthday party, old enough to really understand that friends would be gathering for a celebration all about her! I wanted it to be as special as she dreamed it would be. She has always been a very imaginative girl, weaving intricate stories with her dolls and animals. Lately, many of her stories are centered around the adventures of her finger puppet fairies. Yes! A Spring Fairy Party!

I started the party with a little puppet show to introduce the kids to Fiona's secret fairy world. Elijah played the part of the mischievous Summer Fairy, Sam.

The Search for Fairy Crystals

Winter Fairy: Hello, Children! I am Susan, the Winter Fairy. I am mother of all the fairies. I heard that it was Fiona’s birthday, so I created this beautiful fairy crystal necklace to give her. Here, my child! Now, let me introduce you all to my daughter, the Spring Fairy. It is Spring after all!

Spring Fairy: Hey, kids! I’m Rosie, the Spring Fairy and I have little gifts for all of you! I gathered more fairy crystals like the one in Fiona’s necklace. I was going to just give them to each of you, but my very mischievous brother, Sam, the Summer Fairy, hid them! Didn’t you Sam?

Summer Fairy: Yes! I hid them in the back garden. You’ll never find them!

Winter Fairy: Oh, Sam! These are some very clever children.  I’m sure they will find the fairy crystals! Maybe I should send my daughter, Genevieve, the Autumn Fairy, to help you all!

Autumn Fairy: Yes! Yes! I’ll help you kids find the crystals! Come on, let’s go in the back garden and look!

After watching the play, the kids looked for the magic fairy crystals and bought them back to me. I gave each child a little fabric bag for their crystal and presented them with an official fairy wand. Now they are fairies, too! Come back tomorrow for more about the wands. They turned out really cute!

(I always suspected butterflies to be very fond of fairies!)

the song, the cake, the candles

Leading up to her birthday party, all Fiona could talk about was how all her family and friends were going to sing happy birthday to her. She would insist we all rehearse the song several times a day and she would practice blowing out the candles. I think, when the moment finally came, it was everything she'd dreamed it would be. It was such a happy moment for all of us! As Fiona gets older, I can see her starting to value traditions and rituals like this. It's really exciting to experience that with her.

Oh, and the night before Fiona's birthday party, I realized I couldn't find my camera battery charger. Thanks to Jenny (Elijah's mom) for the top three photos!

Above is the lone piece of cake left the day after the party (The day I frantically drove to three different stores to find a new charger). I used this cake recipe with this icing, both from Smitten Kitchen. It's such a perfect, classic birthday cake. Everyone loved it, including the birthday girl!

Next week's posts will be all about Fiona's spring fairy party, so come back to see the fun details.

felt scraps garland

When I was looking at my growing basket of felt scraps and it occured to me—felt garland!—I knew it was very unlikely I was the first crafter to have this idea. Sure enough, I googled it and they are all over the place! I love having reusable decorations for celebrations, not only because it's less wasteful, but also because I like that my kids remember from year to year. It's a nice reminder of how many special times we have spent together and how very much we've had to celebrate over the years. Yes, traditions are good.

My fabric bunting, which was originally meant to only be brought out for celebrations, has found a permanent home in the play room. (I couldn't resist! It looks so sweet in there!) So, as hard as it may be, I am vowing that this garland will only come out on special occasions.

The project took only 20 minutes, start to finish. All I did was go through my scraps and cut them down so that they were all a somewhat uniform size. Then I sewed them all together. Done!

Where did the scraps come from, you might ask? Fairy wands, of course! (More on those later!)