Birthday Boy


I'm a little late posting this, but what's new? Elijah turned nine on Halloween. We had a small gathering of friends at our house for pizza, cake, and trick or treating. Each year on his birthday, Elijah brings together both sets of parents, three little sisters and friends from school with such grace; One moment joking with a boy his age, the next picking up his baby sister.


Loving, funny, smart, and gloriously silly. We love you, Eli. Next year, double digits. Oh my.

Every Fall


Life has been busy lately. Sometimes I feel like being an adult is way too hard. (You, too? I know I can't be alone on this...) Whenever I feel this way, I remind myself that after a good night of sleep or two, it will feel a bit more manageable and I will find myself enjoying the days again and taking on responsibilities with enthusiasm. It seems to cycle like that; a few weeks of energy and excitement, a few of overwhelm and stress, then back again. I guess that's the way it goes. All that is to say that if it weren't for the little ones' insistence, I am sure we would not have taken the time to run around this silly 'farm', go on hay rides and drink apple cider slushies. I'm grateful we have these sweet little souls to remind us to take a moment to enjoy the sunshine and the crisp air. They were right. What is Fall without the farm?


This is our attempt at a nice seasonal picture of me and the kids. Apparently not even I could manage to look at the camera. .. Nice.


This coming week is Eli's birthday. There is a lot of excitement over here and quite a lot of preparations to be done. Oh my! Better get back to it. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

the 4th, 2013


We always spend the Fourth of July hanging out at this spot on the water. I get really excited every year leading up to the holiday. Not only do we have the most fantastic view of the fireworks, but it's an evening with family, dear friends from out of town, and neighbors. I just love it. The kids do, too.


And now there are four blogged years of the Fourth.

homemade holidays: peppermint bark

This year, we made a version of last year's dark chocolate bark and peppermint bark for friends and family. Depending on when you saw us this year, you either got peppermint bark or cranberry pistachio with sea salt. (I'll post a recipe for that later in the week!) Both were delicious, though I have a soft spot for anything seasonal, so peppermint bark is where it's at this time of year. Fiona agrees.

For those of you who didn't get your annual Altschuler chocolate yet this year, don't lose hope. I have four bars of semisweet in the kitchen just waiting to be melted. And for those of you I will inevitably miss, I promise you two jars next year. How long can I use the newborn excuse for my disorganization?

tiny versions of things

I like to think of the abundant number of annual train gardens as proof that I am far from the only person who has a fascination with miniatures. Look at those little trees! And that tiny traffic light! I want one! Give it to me!

It's clear that I passed on the gene to Fiona.

This is the train garden at The Shops at Kenilworth. The same one I visited with my parents and brother growing up. I love the Baltimore theme. They even included the Grand Prix this year!